[每日一句] Daily English X

They aren’t goting to renew our contract. 他们不打算和我们续约。
Don’t tip belongings of the bag onto the table! 别把袋子里的东西倒在桌子上。
The policy doesn’t cover all prescription costs. 这份保单并没有涵盖所有的处方费用。
I bombed the exam of CET-4. 我四级考试考砸了。
Why would I want personal liability coverage? 我为何要买个人责任险?
Who is going to take this minutes? 谁来做会议记录?
Don’t buy insurance you don’t need. 别买自己不需要的保险。
She threw the coffee dregs into the sink. 她把咖啡渣倒进水池里。
The policy expiration date is September 21. 这张保单九月二十一日到期。
What’s going to be covered on the test? 考试的范围是什么?
Do I get partial or full dental coverage? 我的牙齿保险是部分还是全额给付?
They made the wrong calculation of their situation. 他们错误的估计了形势。
The car insurance is compulsory. 这项汽车保险是强制性的。
Click on the button below to sign up. 点击下面的按钮注册。
Is the beneficiary the same as the isured? 受益人和被保险人是同一人么?
His glasses fell down on the floor and broke up. 他的眼镜掉在地上摔碎了。
Can you pay in advance of shipment? 你们可以在货送到之前付款么?
Please turn in the tests. 请把考卷交上来。
Is it possible for you to pay in one lump sum? 你们有没有可能一次付清?
It was a difficult task, but we brought it off. 任务艰难,但是我们圆满完成了。
Our customer usually pay by letter of credit. 我们的客户通常以信用证来付款。
China Criticizes Olympics Tie-in. 中国政府批评奥运会捆绑。
Here is a tentative freee on board price list. 这是暂时的船上交货价目表。
The power is running low. 快要没电了。
Why is the delivery to Cutters delayed? 为什么到卡特斯公司的货延迟了?
I don’t want to be at odds with my neighbors. 我不想与邻居争执什么?
I am not opposed to cash on delivery. 我不反对货到付款。
It figures. 不用说也知道。早知如此。
There are many types of bills of lading. 提单的种类繁多。
He doesn’t know beans about insurance business at all. 他对保险业务一窍不通。
Mexico has made efforts to reduce smuggling. 墨西哥一直努力减少走私。
The ban was deemed a non-tarriff barrier to trade. 这项禁令被视为非关税壁垒。
Don’t forget to clock out before you go. 走之前别忘打卡。
It’s all there for a reason. 自由其存在的道理。
Japan eased its import ban on US beef. 日本解除对美国牛肉进口令。
I wouldn’t look at it like that. 我不会用这个角度来看。
John bought his wife some duty-free perfume. 约翰买了些免税香水给他太太。
Penny wise, pound foolish. 小事聪明,大事糊涂。贪小便宜吃大亏。
Many citizens support protectionism. 许多国民支持保护主义。
What took you so long? 怎么那么长时间?
Hynix has often been accused by its rivals of dumping. 海力士经常被对手指控倾销。
He eats no fish and palys the game. 他忠诚而守规矩。
The balance of trade showed a surplus after 1999. 贸易余额自1999年后呈现顺差。
It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. 这象大海捞针一样难。
The currency markets have been volatile recently. 货币市场最近不太稳定。
Fill me in. 跟我说说发生了什么事?
I can’t do with loud music. 我无法忍受吵闹的音乐。
Japan allows its currency to float. 日本浮动其货币汇率。
The country’s agricultural exports have increased this year. 该国今年的农业出口增加。
Anywhere but here. 除了这里,去哪里都可以。

[每日一句] vI Daily English

I can smell your perfume a mile away. 你的香水味真够呛人的。
Shakespeare made his mark as a playwright. 莎士比亚作为一个剧作家享有盛名。
Everything I said before stands. 以前我说过的所有话都是成立的。
Our club membership is restricted to twenty. 我们俱乐部成员限制在20以内。
What customers want is top-notch service. 顾客需要的是一流服务。

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[每日一句] V Daily English 30 句

I really need to talk to him personally. 我真的需要亲自跟他说。
All save Peter will do it. 除了彼得,所有人都回去做这件事情。
I am not complaining, only making a point. 我并不是抱怨,只是表明一个看法。
I hope this meeting is productive. 我希望这事一次富有成效的会议。
I have been assigned to Class Eight. 我被分到了八班。
I know I can count on you. 我知道我可以相信你。
Be careful! He is spoiling for a fight! 当心,他正想找人打一架呢!
Where am I supposed to pay the excess train fare? 我应该在哪里补票?
I chanced upon the book in a small bookstore. 我在一家小书店里,偶然发现了这本书。
Trade in leather has gone up (down) 3%. 皮革贸易上升(下降)了百分之三。
What kinds of utilities are included? 房租里都包含了什么费用?
Our foreign trade is continuously expanding. 我们对外贸易不断发展。
I would like to request my travel reimbursement. 我想要报销车费。
My boss is a micromanager. 我的老板事必躬亲。
Our trade is onducted on the basis of equility. 我们实在平等的基础上,进行贸易的。
They mainly trade with Japanese firms. 他们主要和日本商进行贸易。
Do diplomas count for anything on the job market? 文凭对找工作重要么?
We arrange shipments to any part of the world. 我们承揽去世界各地的货物运输。
When would you relieve me of the burden? 你什么时候才能减轻我的负担?
What is your specific transport requirement? 你们需要的运输条件是什么?
Does it pay to overindulge children? 娇惯孩子有好处么?
A part of the goods were damaged in transit. 一部分货物在运输中受损。
She is a real find! 我们可找到她这么一个能干的人!
The goods are now in transit. 此批货物正在运输途中。
The house is hard by the station. 他们的房子就在车站附近。
Please dispatch the TV sets we ordered by sea. 请海运我们订购的电视机。
I have dileverately got myself into the jam. 我真是自投罗网。
Sometimes sea transport is troublesome to us. 有时海运对我们来说麻烦。
The storm held up our flight for 40 minutes. 暴风雨使我们的航班延误了40分钟。
Please have the goods transported by air. 请空运此批货物。

【每日一句】English IV

I’d like to buy the car on your TV commercial.
我想买你们电视广告上的汽车 。

This is indeed an involved sentence.

Don’t keep the truth from me.

He drank too much and made a fool of himself.
他喝酒太多, 出丑了。

I’m calling from a public phone I’ll call you later.

He is not very popular between his fellows.

I felt no regret for it.

Drop in whenever you come to see your parents.

We had expected much lower prices.

The tap is always leaking.

Don’t let his get you down.

In the dark he felt around for the switch.

I’ll never do such a thing, I tell you.

He was efficient in his work.

Can you cash reputation in a bank?

Learn to say fight thing at the fight time.

Don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet.

Where’s a tax-free shop?

We enclose a cheque for RMB200.

Not until last week did I get a work permit.

The sun really did a number on my face!

You are the best-dressed boss around.

How did you learn of my name?

The longer we wait the less likely we come up with anything.
拖得越久, 成功的机会越小。

He is vacillating between leaving and staying on.

Do you work well under pressure?

I am running the bath water.

I’m sure there is some room for negotiation.

Anything particular you’re interested in?

you are getting on my nerves.

We have this item in three price levels.

We have laid in a good supply of food for the winter.

Our standard order is 500cases at a time.

Cast aside all illusions and go into the battle.

This is last order we will be plaing for a while.

He knew zip ahout running the company.

We waited for John in the lobby of the aiport

We have deliberated on your proposal.

Please do. We’re desperate for the material.

This kind of tea could act as an aid to digestion.

Let’s go out and celebrate.

I got the short end of the stick.

Could you consider accepting our counterproposal?

The children got out of hand during my absence.
我不在的时候, 孩子么不听话。

We regret we can’t ship as you desired.

The house has changed hands again.
这栋房子又换了主人 。

He is at his best when he speaks off the cuff.

It’s an all-hands meeting.

Can last shipment be duplicated?

I can’t get rid of my cold.

Who’ll see after the house when you are gone?

Please exercise better care with future shipments.

Who is to lead off the discussion?

The shipment has arrived in good condition.

They have pasted up a notice on the wall.
他们在墙上贴了一张布告 。

You’ll cover SRCC risks, won’t you?

He seemed to be very well off.

Well, obviously you won’t want All Risks cover.

Scarborough Fair

  • 歌名:Scarborough Fair
  • 语种:英语
  • 歌手:Paul Simona,Art Garfunkle
  • 填词:Paul Simona,Art Garfunkle
  • 歌词:Are you going to Scarborough Fair
    Parsley,sage,rosemary and thyme
    Remeber me to one who lives there
    She once was a true love of mineTell her to make me a cambric shirt
    (On the side of a hill in the deep forest green)
    Parsley,sage,rosemary and thyme
    (Tracing of sparrow on the snow crested brown)
    Without to seams nor needle work
    (Blankets and bedclothes the child of the mountain)
    Then she’ll be a true love of mine
    (Sleeps unaware of the clarion call)Tell her to find me an acre of land
    (On the side of a hill asprinkling of leaves)
    Parsley,sage,rosemary and thyme
    (Washes the grave with silvery tears)
    Between the salt water and the sea strand
    (A soldier cleans and polishes a gun)
    Then she’ll be a true love of mineTell her to reap it with a sickle of leather
    (War bellows blazing in scarlet battalions)
    Parsley,sage,rosemary and thyme
    (Generals order their soldiers to kill)
    And gather it all in a bunch of heather
    (And to fight for a cause they’ve long ago forgotten)
    Then she’ll be a true love of mineAre you going to Scarborough Fair
    Parsley,sage,rosemary and thyme
    Remeber me to one who lives there
    She once was a true love of mine
  • 译名:斯卡布罗集市、斯镇的颂歌
  • 翻唱版本:Sarah Brightman 沙拉布莱曼 专辑:月光女神 La Luna
  • 歌词大意:
  • 中文歌词:
    问尔所之,是否如适。 Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
    蕙兰芫荽,郁郁香芷。 Parsely sage rosemary and thyme.
    彼方淑女,凭君寄辞。 Remember me to one who lives there.
    伊人曾在,与我相知。 She once was a true love of mine.
    嘱彼佳人,备我衣缁。 Tell her to make me a cambric shirt.
    蕙兰芫荽,郁郁香芷。 Parsely sage rosemary and thyme.
    勿用针砧,无隙无疵。 Without no seams nor needle work.
    伊人何在,慰我相思。 Then she will be a true love of mine.
    彼山之阴,深林荒址。 On the side of hill in the deep forest green,
    冬寻毡毯,老雀燕子。 Tracing of sparrow on snow crested brown.
    雪覆四野,高山迟滞。 Blankets and bed clothers the child of maintain
    眠而不觉,寒笳清嘶。 Sleeps unawafe of the clarion call.
    嘱彼佳人,营我家室。 Tell her to find me an acre of land.
    蕙兰芫荽,郁郁香芷。 Parsely sage rosemary and thyme.
    良田所修,大海之坻。 Between the salt water and the sea strand,
    伊人应在,任我相视。 Then she will be a true love of mine.彼山之阴,叶疏苔蚀。 On the side of hill a sprinkling of leaves
    涤我孤冢,珠泪渐渍。 Washes the grave with slivery tears.
    惜我长剑,日日拂拭。 A soldier cleans and polishes a gun.
    寂而不觉,寒笳长嘶。 Sleeps unaware of the clarion call.
    嘱彼佳人,收我秋实。 Tell her to reap it with a sickle of leather.
    蕙兰芫荽,郁郁香芷。 Parsely sage rosemary and thyme.
    敛之集之,勿弃勿失。 And gather it all in a bunch of heather.
    伊人犹在,唯我相誓。 Then she will be a ture love of mine.
    烽火印啸,浴血之师。 War bellows blazing in scarlet battalions
    将帅有令,勤王之事。 Generals order their soldiers to kill and to fight for a cause.
    争斗缘何,久忘其旨。 They have long ago forgoten.
    痴而不觉,寒笳悲嘶。 Sleeps unaware of the clarion call.
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