Daily English XII

Our Policy is not to grant exclusivity. 我们的方针是不授予专卖权。

Promise me now, and never let go of that promise. 答应我,千万别忘了。

I hope no questions about the terms. 我看合同的条款没有什么问题了。

I am going to let you get away with that. 在这一点我不会让你岔开话题的。

Do you have any comment on this clause? 你对这一条有何看法?

You must have formed some opinion of me. 你对我一定是有看法的。

Please go over it and see if everything is in order. 请过目一下,看看是否一切妥当。

I don’t mean to be rude. 我并非有意冒犯。

The demand for our products has kept rising. 要求订购我们产品的人越来越多。

We are about t begin our descent into Los Angeles. 飞机即将降临洛杉矶机场。

We had expected much lower prices. 我们希望报价再低一些。

As if the organ of my imagination is dried up. 好像我所有的想象力都干涸了。

We are sure both of us have a brighter future. 我们相信双方都有一个光明的前景。

Certainly pretty hard to swallow. 当然有些难以接受。

We also hope to expand our business with you. 我们也希望与贵公司扩大贸易往来。

I picked mine up last night. 我昨晚就接到分派的任务。

I hope to conclude some business with you. 我希望能与贵公司建立贸易关系。

I couldn’t agree with you more. 我无比地同意你。

No wonder you’re so experienced. 怪不得你这么有经验。

You are too young to get picked up by the police. 你太年轻,警察不会逮捕你的。

All these articles are best selling lines. 所有这些产品都是我们的畅销货。

A: Why don’t we go to a movie? 我们为何不去看场电影?

B: I’m game. 我愿意。

I can just have a glance at the rest. 剩下的部分我粗略地看一下就可以了。

I am getting a divorce. 我要离婚了。

We would be glad wo start business with you. 我们很高兴能与贵公司建立贸易往来。

The boss is driving me nuts. 老板快把我逼疯了。

I am inpressed by your approach to business. 你们经营业务的方法给我留下了很深的印象。

No, that’s just a rumor. 不,那只是谣言罢了。

Maybe we could start with the Designing Department. 也许我们可以先参观一下设计部门。

He hit me on the arm. 他打我的手臂。

You are going out of your way for us, I believe.  我相信这是对我们的特殊照顾了。

The opening ceremony would be grand. 奥运会开幕式场面将十分壮阔。

Check it to my final destination. 把它托运到我的目的地。

Should I buy that second-hand car? 我该买那辆二手车么?

What’s the fare to New York, Economy Class? 去纽约的经济舱机票多少钱?

How is your novel coming along? So far, so good. 你小说写得如何?目前还算顺利。

What platform does the train leave from? 这班车从哪个站台开出呢?

Jake is out of a job. Is that true? 杰克失业了,是真的么?

So they say. 他们都这么说。

I think we can draw up a tentative plan now. 我认为现在可以先草拟一具临时方案。

The date of the wedding is still up in the air. 婚礼的日期尚未确定。

It’ll be easier for us to get down to facts then. 这样就容易进行实质性的谈判了。

I am dying to see you every moment of the day. 我时时刻刻都盼着见到你。

what kind of quality control do you have? 你们用什么办法来控制质量呢?

I want just straight reporting.  我就直接要份报告。

At what time can we work out a deal? 我们什么时候洽谈生意?

You will not entrp me in this, Miss Krose. 你别把我牵扯进去,克罗斯小姐。

Daily English XI

We split it, fifty-fifty. 我们五五分帐。
This one is straight from the top. 这是直接由上头交待的。
The goods are now in transit. 这批货物正在运输途中。
Take your time. 慢慢来,不用急。
I don’t know what came over me . 我不知道自己哪根筋不对。
Please put him through. 把他转接给我。
I am going to hit the sack, I am exhausted. 我精疲力尽了,准备去睡觉了。
We can add a rider for that. 我们可以针对这点加上附加条款。
I am sitting pretty in a pretty little city. 我在一个漂亮的小城市里过的很好。
You have got the waiver, so you are clear. 你有买免责险,所以不用负责。
Make sure your agreement has an escape clause. 确定你的协议里加了免责条款。
Insurers usually will try to avoid hugh payouts. 保险公司通常会设法避免巨额保险给付。
We fail to see the validity in your claim. 我们不认为你的理赔申请有效。
I just want some easy grades. 我只想混学分。
I would not wish to be inferior to others. 我不希望自己比别人差。
The coat was a real buy. 这件衣服买的划算。
The program is inadequately financed. 这个项目没有得到足够的财政支持。
I’d like to have a seat by the window. 我要一个靠窗的位子。
I ‘d like a refund on this ticket. 我要退这张票。
Death toll climbs in quake aftermath. 地震死亡人数随后攀升。
I’d like to buy an excursion pass instead. 我要买一张优待票代替。
Belssed China. United coutrymen. 天佑中华,众志成城。
We waited for john in the lobby of the airport. 我们在机场的大厅里等约翰。
I’ll pick up ticket at the airport counter. 我会在机场柜台拿机票。
I have nothing to delcare. 我没有申报的东西。
I am very much behind Michael Foot on this. 在这点上我非常支持米歇尔·福特。
I won’t check this baggage. 这件行李我不托运。
You may be away from home for a period of time. 你可以离开家一段时间。
I’d like to reserve a sleeper to Chicago. 我要订去芝加哥的卧铺。
Apart from being too large, it doesn’t suit me. 除了太大之外,它对我也不合适。
I’d like to change this ticket to the first class. 我想把这张票换成头等车。
Energy and persistenece conquer all things. 能力加毅力可以征服一切。
Our company is well ahead of its rivals. 我们公司远远超过了主要竞争对手。
Rain splashed aginst the window panes. 雨点打在玻璃上,噼啪作响。
I am hunger for a long vocation. 我渴望有一个长长的假期。
Insurance covers overland transportation. 保险应包括陆地的运输。
Transhipment is not allowed. 不准许转船。
I wound up paying for it myself. 结果由我来付账。
The palce abounds in rumours. 此地谣言盛行。
I don’t like this kind of combined transportation. 我并不喜欢这种联运方式。
They decorated the house regardless of cost. 他们不惜工本装修这栋房子。
I could hardly keep from lauging.  我简直忍不住大笑起来。
The heat made him feel he wasn’t up to more. 热使他感到再也受不了了。
What’s your unloading port please? 你们的卸货港在那里?
There was nothing we could do other than wait. 除了等以外,我们别无他法。
Now Dalian is fine as the loading port. 现在可以把大连定为装运港。
She was despised on account of her sex. 她因性别而遭到歧视。
Are you in favor of worker’s control of companies. 你是否赞同由工人管理公司。
Can you have them sent by railway? 能采用陆运方式么?
The earth quake is estimated to have had magnitude of 7.8. 地震估计为7.8级。

Daily English X

what’s your specifica transport requirements? 你们需要的运输条件是什么?
I need reservations in a five-star hotel. 我预订好一家五星级酒店。
Could you do something to advance your shipment? 你们能不能设法提前交货?
Do you have something on your mind? 你有一些打算么?
We arrange shipments to any part of the world. 我们承揽去世界各地的货物。
Sorry for interrupting. 对不起,打断一下。
How about meeting each other halfway? 能不能互相做出让步?
We may offer you allowances on a sliding scale. 我们可以按比例给您提供佣金。
You can count on me. 你可以指望我。
Please hand the document in to me. 请把那份文件交给我。
That’s the best we can do. We can’t go any lower. 这是我们的最低价格,不能再低了。
Will you please quote FOB Brussels in U.S. dollar? 请你们以美元,布鲁塞尔离岸价报价。
What’s keeping you? 你怎么耽搁了?
Our price is net without commission. 我们的价格是净价不含佣金。
There’s a lot of work piled up on my desk. 瞧我桌上堆了一堆的事。
Business is possible is you increase the price by 2%. 如果你方提价2%,交易才有可能。
I can’t make an exception for you. 我不能为你破例。
How about repairs after the warranty expires? 在保修期过后的修理怎么办呢?
This is a piece of work I can be proud of. 这是我的得意之作。
We appreciate your cooperating with us. 感谢你同我们的合作。
Don’t slack off! 别偷懒!
I must advise you of the specifications of the goods. 我必须告诉你货物的规格。
I wish I had never met you. 我真希望我从来没有遇到过你。
These two grades are very much in demand. 这两种等级的货,目前需求很大。
Hey, come on. Pull yourself together. 嘿,来吧。打起精神来。
I get along well with him. 我和他很合的来。
Would you get to the point? 你能把要点说得再清楚点儿么?
Our quality is based solely on our sales samples. 我们的质量完全以样货为准。
Are you working overtime tonight? 今晚你加班么?
I am so tired. Let’s finish up. 我太累了,今天就到这儿吧!
Let me give you this list of departments first. 我先给你这份各个部门的清单。
Could you put me through to the toy department? 请帮我接玩具部好吗?
The train was five minutes behind schedule. 火车晚点了5分钟。
It’s good for 24 hours only. 只有24小时的有效期。
It’s very creepy to walk alone at 1 am. 凌晨一点一个人走很害怕。
Don’t give me any lame excused next time! 下次别再用这样蹩脚的借口。
There is no indication of price. 没有标明价格。
Good coffee, really hits the spot. 咖啡很好喝,真过瘾。
Do business on a commission basis. 做有佣金的买卖。
He is too cute to be straight. 他太可爱了,绝对不可能是异性恋。
He is wearing an odd pair of stockings. 他穿的袜子不是一对的。
on the basis of equiality and mutual benefit. 在平等互利的基础上。
I hate to see you in such a low spirits. 我讨厌看到你这么情绪低落。
We are sending you catalogue under separate cover. 目录将另函寄出。
10% discount to parites of more than then. 10人以上团体优惠10%。
When would the inflation reach a plateau? 通货膨胀能够什么时候会停下来?
Wxpanding trade between us will be to our mutual benefit. 扩大贸易对我们都有力。
We weighed up the pros and cons. 我们权衡了利弊得失。
Thet incident sparked off a whole series of events. 那一事件引发出一连串的事。
Call Mary, she can come at the drop of a hat. 给玛丽打电话吧,她招之即来。


Daily English IX

No hard feelings. 请别见怪。
What is your specific transport requirement? 你们需要的运输条件是什么?
Would you cut it out, already? 你到底有完没完?
We arrange shipments to any part of the world. 我们承揽去世界各地的货物运输。
This is not how it looks. 事情不是表面看来的那样。
Put it on my tab. 记在我的账上。
We’ve got here our sales samples type 1. and type 2. 这里是一号和二号样货。
Our quality is based solely on our sales samples. 我们的质量完全以样货为准。
I think you’re thinking of someone else. 我觉得你是想到别人去了。
We are in urgent need of these two grades. 我们现在急需这两种等级的货。
The competition heats up in the market. 市场竞争升温。
I must advise you of the specifications of the goods. 我必须通知你货物的规格。
Your card is maxed out. 你的卡刷爆了。
Old office workers prefer brown-bagging. 上了年纪的员工更喜欢自己带饭。
He’s a real pain in the neck. 他是让人头疼的人。
What kind of currency do you want to change? 要换哪种货币?
Can you give me the invoice? 能不能给我张发票?
I’d like appetizers and meat(fish) dish. 我想要一份开胃菜和排餐。
Don’t grab the controller! Hey! Cut it out! 别抢遥控器,喂,打住!
You are in the pink. 你气色真好。
How much is the cover? 入场费是多少钱?
Did you get lost? 你开会迟到了。
Confidence is built, not inborn. 自信心是建立起来的,不是天生的。
It doesn’t make any sense to get up so early. 起这么早完全没有意义。
Do I make myself clear? 我说得够清楚么?
Can you suggest an alternative? 能否告知您其他方便时间?
It’s great to see you kwo kiss and make up. 真高兴看到你们俩和好了。
I want to close my account with you. 我想结束在你们这儿的帐户。
You own me three dollars. 你还应该找我三块钱。
Business trip is tiring to me. 出差真累人。
He kicked himself for missing so many chances. 他气自己错失了那么多机会。
They always buy in large quantities. 他们总是大量购买。
You have one shot. 你只能孤注一掷了。
I want to change some British sterling into Renminbi. 我想把一些英镑换成人民币。
I didn’t know it until I put a bug in his ear. 我向他透露之后,他才知道这件事情。
Oh, come on. Give me a break. 帮帮忙,让我歇歇吧!
There is no turning back. 箭在弦上,不能回头。
My job is a nightmare. 我的工作真是噩梦啊!
Pass the hat. Everybody puts in 5 dollars. 大家出钱吧,每个人出五块钱。
This is great golfing/ swimming/picnic weather. 这是个打高尔夫/游泳/野餐的好天气。
The truth is out there. 真相远在天边,近在眼前。
Would you like to refersh yourself? 你想不想要上厕所。
A friend and I went out to a bar and got wasted. 我和一个朋友去酒吧,喝得大醉。
There is no reason to be jealours of me. 我没有理由让人嫉妒。
You are not cut out to be a programmer. 你天生就不是当程序员的料。
That sounds like the product we had in mind. 那种产品好像就是我们所想要的。
Do you get a kick out out watching me suffer. 看我难受你就高兴是不是?
Only one refusal of payment is acceptable to the bank. 银行只接受一次拒付。
They drove the car and went out for a spin. 他们开车到外面兜风去了。
We split it, fifty-fifty. 我们五五分帐。


Daily English VIII

We study for the finals around the clock.

The best defense is a good offense. 有效的进攻是最好的防守。
I don’t like brownnosers. 我讨厌拍马屁的人。
I bought this used car for a song. 我买这辆二手车物超所值。
Prices are fixed according to their quality. 价格按质量的好坏而定。 
There is many a slip between the cup and the lip. 杯到嘴边还会洒,功亏一篑。
Payment is to be effected before the end of this month. 这个月末以前应该付款。
This is a chance once in a blue moon. 这可是个难得的
Quantities of Black Tea have been exported. 已经有大批红茶出口。
Insurance covers both sea and overland transportation. 保险应包括水陆两路的运输。
Don’t get me started on it. 别让我打开话匣子。
I don’t like this kind of combined transportation. 我并不喜欢这种联运方式。
The sweetened the pot by promising a big bonus. 他们增加了筹码奖金丰厚。
Many provinces have been affected by the snow. 许多省份都遭受雪灾。
The quality is all right, but the style is a bit outdated. 质量无问题只是款式有点过时了。
What’s good about making such a plan? 制定这样一个计划有什么好处?
We found the goods didn’t  agree with the original paterns. 我们发现货物与原来的款式不符。
His nose is out of joint for not being invited. 他没有受到邀请鼻子都气歪了。
We’re here to discuss the trade marks of your products. 我们来谈谈贵产品的商标。
We’re wined and dined all week. 我们被好吃好喝的款待了一周。
More than 300 watches are not up to standard. 有三百多块手表不符合质量。
I don’t want to go there in the first place. 我本来不想去的。
The quality of this article can not qualify for first-class. 这批商品的质量不够一等品。
Don’t talk back to your parents. 别跟你的父母顶嘴。
The working of these machines are inaccurate. 这批机器运行不准。
Severe snowstorms wreaked havoc on traffic. 严重的暴风雪使交通瘫痪。
Please quote your current tariffs. 请报你公司的最新运费表。
It’s not what you know but who you know. 有本事不如认对人。
Who will bear the extra freight charges? 多出的运费由谁负担。
Do you go through your shoes? 你穿鞋厉害么?
It is the heaviest in as many as five decades. 这是五十年来最严重的一次。
Sometimes sea transport is thoubelsome to us. 有时海运对我们来说麻烦。
The snowstrom took its tolls on human lives. 暴风雪造成人员伤亡。
Do you do any chartering? 你们租船了吗?
He just showed up from out of nowhere. 他突然不知道从什么地方冒出来。
The goods are now in transit. 这批货物正在运输途中。
Nails that project from the chair may hurt you! 椅子上伸出的钉子会伤着你。
I regret this quality problem. 对质量问题深表遗憾!
I don’t have all day. 我没时间跟你耗。
The economy is in good shape. 经济情况不错。
The finest edge is made with the blunt whetstone. 宝剑锋从磨砺出。
I heard that you are getting married. Congratulations. 听说你要结婚了,恭喜!
The snowstorms created gigantic passanger backups. 暴风雪造成大量旅客滞留。
Has your company dont any research in this field? 请问贵公司对此领域做了任何研究了么? 
Charge or debit? (Credit or debit?) 使用信用卡还是ATM卡?
I take it yo don’t agree. 这么说来我认为你是不同意的。
Dad, have a heart and  let me use the new car. 爸发发善心,让我用那辆新车吧!
Could you keep my valuables? 是否可代为保管贵重物品?
You are way out of line. 你实在是太过分了。
Have you got your chequebook with you? 你支票本带来了没有?

每日一句 VII Daily English


Every man worth his salt. 谁也不是白吃饭的。
Growth, however, brings new problems and concerns. 不过发展也带来了新的问题和顾虑。
I blew the whistle on the whole thing. 我把整件事情都抖落了出来了。
Why are you always all thumbs? 你怎么总是笨手笨脚的?
Do you have any plans for the long weekend? 你有办法打发这个漫长的周末吗?
He who would search for pearls must dive below. 不入虎穴,焉得虎子。
Could you tell me where I can wash my hands? 请问洗手间怎么走?
Footsteps announced his return. 听脚步声就知道他回来了。
Were there any letters for me this morning? 今天早上有我的信么?
An excellent leader need a thick skin. 优秀的领导要经得起批评。
Many people have been out of work recently. 最近有许多人失业。
How do I control myself? I can’t calm down. 我怎能控制我自己?我无法让自己冷静下来。
I was intermperate in my youth. 我年少轻狂。
He has many strange idears in his mind. 他脑子里尽是奇思怪想。
Your explanation holds water. 你的解释滴水不漏。
We’ll take our holiday sometime in August. 我们将在八月份的某个时候休假。
I affirmed that what he said is true. 我肯定他说的都是真的。
I am buay. How is your business? 我很忙,你的生意怎么样?
Don’t try to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds! 别想两边讨好?
Keep your temper under control. 不要发脾气。
The battery went dead. 电池没电了。
His talks covered many subjects. 他的报告涉及到很多课题。
A ship is afloat. 一条船漂在水上。
Hold your horses. 耐心点。
He put an affront upon me. 他当众冒犯我。
Two heads are better than one. 人多之广。
I don’t like the two-face preson. 我不喜欢两面派。
Where can I check in? 我从哪里办登机手续?
The work is well afoot. 工作正在进行中。
It is a large again as that. 这个比那个大一倍。
What’s on the schedule for today? 今天怎么安排?
Soon after work they left. 工作结束不久,他们就离开了。
Has the boss come in yet? 老板来了么?
Sha is really a salt of the earth. 他没有一点儿坏心眼。
My computer crashed. 我的电脑崩溃了。
I can’t afford a holiday this summer. 我无法支付这个夏日的假期。
Sorry I am all tired right now. 对不起,我现在很忙。
He is on his high horse these days. 他最近几天很嚣张。
My job is a nightmare. 我的工作像个噩梦。
Beggars can’t be choosers. 人穷志短,有实力才有自由。
Give me the lowdown on the new manager. 告诉我那新经理的底细。
Sean, it’s fine. You should check this out. 肖恩,这个不错。你应该过来看看。
Your price is practicable (impracticable). 你方价格行得通的(行不通)。
Too many cooks spoil the broth. 厨子太多煮坏汤。
What’s another word for “megapolis”? “大都市”这个词的同义词是什么?
For such a big sum, we should attach importance to it. 数目如此之大,我们将予以重视。
He bought a pig in a poke again. 他买东西又当了一次冤大头。
They are doing their utmost to open up an outlet. 他们正在尽最大努力以打开销路。
The pot calling the kettle black. 锅嫌壶黑。五十步笑百步。
It simply can’t stand such a big cut. 再也经不住大幅度销价了。