Daily English XI

We split it, fifty-fifty. 我们五五分帐。
This one is straight from the top. 这是直接由上头交待的。
The goods are now in transit. 这批货物正在运输途中。
Take your time. 慢慢来,不用急。
I don’t know what came over me . 我不知道自己哪根筋不对。
Please put him through. 把他转接给我。
I am going to hit the sack, I am exhausted. 我精疲力尽了,准备去睡觉了。
We can add a rider for that. 我们可以针对这点加上附加条款。
I am sitting pretty in a pretty little city. 我在一个漂亮的小城市里过的很好。
You have got the waiver, so you are clear. 你有买免责险,所以不用负责。
Make sure your agreement has an escape clause. 确定你的协议里加了免责条款。
Insurers usually will try to avoid hugh payouts. 保险公司通常会设法避免巨额保险给付。
We fail to see the validity in your claim. 我们不认为你的理赔申请有效。
I just want some easy grades. 我只想混学分。
I would not wish to be inferior to others. 我不希望自己比别人差。
The coat was a real buy. 这件衣服买的划算。
The program is inadequately financed. 这个项目没有得到足够的财政支持。
I’d like to have a seat by the window. 我要一个靠窗的位子。
I ‘d like a refund on this ticket. 我要退这张票。
Death toll climbs in quake aftermath. 地震死亡人数随后攀升。
I’d like to buy an excursion pass instead. 我要买一张优待票代替。
Belssed China. United coutrymen. 天佑中华,众志成城。
We waited for john in the lobby of the airport. 我们在机场的大厅里等约翰。
I’ll pick up ticket at the airport counter. 我会在机场柜台拿机票。
I have nothing to delcare. 我没有申报的东西。
I am very much behind Michael Foot on this. 在这点上我非常支持米歇尔·福特。
I won’t check this baggage. 这件行李我不托运。
You may be away from home for a period of time. 你可以离开家一段时间。
I’d like to reserve a sleeper to Chicago. 我要订去芝加哥的卧铺。
Apart from being too large, it doesn’t suit me. 除了太大之外,它对我也不合适。
I’d like to change this ticket to the first class. 我想把这张票换成头等车。
Energy and persistenece conquer all things. 能力加毅力可以征服一切。
Our company is well ahead of its rivals. 我们公司远远超过了主要竞争对手。
Rain splashed aginst the window panes. 雨点打在玻璃上,噼啪作响。
I am hunger for a long vocation. 我渴望有一个长长的假期。
Insurance covers overland transportation. 保险应包括陆地的运输。
Transhipment is not allowed. 不准许转船。
I wound up paying for it myself. 结果由我来付账。
The palce abounds in rumours. 此地谣言盛行。
I don’t like this kind of combined transportation. 我并不喜欢这种联运方式。
They decorated the house regardless of cost. 他们不惜工本装修这栋房子。
I could hardly keep from lauging.  我简直忍不住大笑起来。
The heat made him feel he wasn’t up to more. 热使他感到再也受不了了。
What’s your unloading port please? 你们的卸货港在那里?
There was nothing we could do other than wait. 除了等以外,我们别无他法。
Now Dalian is fine as the loading port. 现在可以把大连定为装运港。
She was despised on account of her sex. 她因性别而遭到歧视。
Are you in favor of worker’s control of companies. 你是否赞同由工人管理公司。
Can you have them sent by railway? 能采用陆运方式么?
The earth quake is estimated to have had magnitude of 7.8. 地震估计为7.8级。



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