Daily English X

what’s your specifica transport requirements? 你们需要的运输条件是什么?
I need reservations in a five-star hotel. 我预订好一家五星级酒店。
Could you do something to advance your shipment? 你们能不能设法提前交货?
Do you have something on your mind? 你有一些打算么?
We arrange shipments to any part of the world. 我们承揽去世界各地的货物。
Sorry for interrupting. 对不起,打断一下。
How about meeting each other halfway? 能不能互相做出让步?
We may offer you allowances on a sliding scale. 我们可以按比例给您提供佣金。
You can count on me. 你可以指望我。
Please hand the document in to me. 请把那份文件交给我。
That’s the best we can do. We can’t go any lower. 这是我们的最低价格,不能再低了。
Will you please quote FOB Brussels in U.S. dollar? 请你们以美元,布鲁塞尔离岸价报价。
What’s keeping you? 你怎么耽搁了?
Our price is net without commission. 我们的价格是净价不含佣金。
There’s a lot of work piled up on my desk. 瞧我桌上堆了一堆的事。
Business is possible is you increase the price by 2%. 如果你方提价2%,交易才有可能。
I can’t make an exception for you. 我不能为你破例。
How about repairs after the warranty expires? 在保修期过后的修理怎么办呢?
This is a piece of work I can be proud of. 这是我的得意之作。
We appreciate your cooperating with us. 感谢你同我们的合作。
Don’t slack off! 别偷懒!
I must advise you of the specifications of the goods. 我必须告诉你货物的规格。
I wish I had never met you. 我真希望我从来没有遇到过你。
These two grades are very much in demand. 这两种等级的货,目前需求很大。
Hey, come on. Pull yourself together. 嘿,来吧。打起精神来。
I get along well with him. 我和他很合的来。
Would you get to the point? 你能把要点说得再清楚点儿么?
Our quality is based solely on our sales samples. 我们的质量完全以样货为准。
Are you working overtime tonight? 今晚你加班么?
I am so tired. Let’s finish up. 我太累了,今天就到这儿吧!
Let me give you this list of departments first. 我先给你这份各个部门的清单。
Could you put me through to the toy department? 请帮我接玩具部好吗?
The train was five minutes behind schedule. 火车晚点了5分钟。
It’s good for 24 hours only. 只有24小时的有效期。
It’s very creepy to walk alone at 1 am. 凌晨一点一个人走很害怕。
Don’t give me any lame excused next time! 下次别再用这样蹩脚的借口。
There is no indication of price. 没有标明价格。
Good coffee, really hits the spot. 咖啡很好喝,真过瘾。
Do business on a commission basis. 做有佣金的买卖。
He is too cute to be straight. 他太可爱了,绝对不可能是异性恋。
He is wearing an odd pair of stockings. 他穿的袜子不是一对的。
on the basis of equiality and mutual benefit. 在平等互利的基础上。
I hate to see you in such a low spirits. 我讨厌看到你这么情绪低落。
We are sending you catalogue under separate cover. 目录将另函寄出。
10% discount to parites of more than then. 10人以上团体优惠10%。
When would the inflation reach a plateau? 通货膨胀能够什么时候会停下来?
Wxpanding trade between us will be to our mutual benefit. 扩大贸易对我们都有力。
We weighed up the pros and cons. 我们权衡了利弊得失。
Thet incident sparked off a whole series of events. 那一事件引发出一连串的事。
Call Mary, she can come at the drop of a hat. 给玛丽打电话吧,她招之即来。




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