Daily English IX

No hard feelings. 请别见怪。
What is your specific transport requirement? 你们需要的运输条件是什么?
Would you cut it out, already? 你到底有完没完?
We arrange shipments to any part of the world. 我们承揽去世界各地的货物运输。
This is not how it looks. 事情不是表面看来的那样。
Put it on my tab. 记在我的账上。
We’ve got here our sales samples type 1. and type 2. 这里是一号和二号样货。
Our quality is based solely on our sales samples. 我们的质量完全以样货为准。
I think you’re thinking of someone else. 我觉得你是想到别人去了。
We are in urgent need of these two grades. 我们现在急需这两种等级的货。
The competition heats up in the market. 市场竞争升温。
I must advise you of the specifications of the goods. 我必须通知你货物的规格。
Your card is maxed out. 你的卡刷爆了。
Old office workers prefer brown-bagging. 上了年纪的员工更喜欢自己带饭。
He’s a real pain in the neck. 他是让人头疼的人。
What kind of currency do you want to change? 要换哪种货币?
Can you give me the invoice? 能不能给我张发票?
I’d like appetizers and meat(fish) dish. 我想要一份开胃菜和排餐。
Don’t grab the controller! Hey! Cut it out! 别抢遥控器,喂,打住!
You are in the pink. 你气色真好。
How much is the cover? 入场费是多少钱?
Did you get lost? 你开会迟到了。
Confidence is built, not inborn. 自信心是建立起来的,不是天生的。
It doesn’t make any sense to get up so early. 起这么早完全没有意义。
Do I make myself clear? 我说得够清楚么?
Can you suggest an alternative? 能否告知您其他方便时间?
It’s great to see you kwo kiss and make up. 真高兴看到你们俩和好了。
I want to close my account with you. 我想结束在你们这儿的帐户。
You own me three dollars. 你还应该找我三块钱。
Business trip is tiring to me. 出差真累人。
He kicked himself for missing so many chances. 他气自己错失了那么多机会。
They always buy in large quantities. 他们总是大量购买。
You have one shot. 你只能孤注一掷了。
I want to change some British sterling into Renminbi. 我想把一些英镑换成人民币。
I didn’t know it until I put a bug in his ear. 我向他透露之后,他才知道这件事情。
Oh, come on. Give me a break. 帮帮忙,让我歇歇吧!
There is no turning back. 箭在弦上,不能回头。
My job is a nightmare. 我的工作真是噩梦啊!
Pass the hat. Everybody puts in 5 dollars. 大家出钱吧,每个人出五块钱。
This is great golfing/ swimming/picnic weather. 这是个打高尔夫/游泳/野餐的好天气。
The truth is out there. 真相远在天边,近在眼前。
Would you like to refersh yourself? 你想不想要上厕所。
A friend and I went out to a bar and got wasted. 我和一个朋友去酒吧,喝得大醉。
There is no reason to be jealours of me. 我没有理由让人嫉妒。
You are not cut out to be a programmer. 你天生就不是当程序员的料。
That sounds like the product we had in mind. 那种产品好像就是我们所想要的。
Do you get a kick out out watching me suffer. 看我难受你就高兴是不是?
Only one refusal of payment is acceptable to the bank. 银行只接受一次拒付。
They drove the car and went out for a spin. 他们开车到外面兜风去了。
We split it, fifty-fifty. 我们五五分帐。




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