Daily English VIII

We study for the finals around the clock.

The best defense is a good offense. 有效的进攻是最好的防守。
I don’t like brownnosers. 我讨厌拍马屁的人。
I bought this used car for a song. 我买这辆二手车物超所值。
Prices are fixed according to their quality. 价格按质量的好坏而定。 
There is many a slip between the cup and the lip. 杯到嘴边还会洒,功亏一篑。
Payment is to be effected before the end of this month. 这个月末以前应该付款。
This is a chance once in a blue moon. 这可是个难得的
Quantities of Black Tea have been exported. 已经有大批红茶出口。
Insurance covers both sea and overland transportation. 保险应包括水陆两路的运输。
Don’t get me started on it. 别让我打开话匣子。
I don’t like this kind of combined transportation. 我并不喜欢这种联运方式。
The sweetened the pot by promising a big bonus. 他们增加了筹码奖金丰厚。
Many provinces have been affected by the snow. 许多省份都遭受雪灾。
The quality is all right, but the style is a bit outdated. 质量无问题只是款式有点过时了。
What’s good about making such a plan? 制定这样一个计划有什么好处?
We found the goods didn’t  agree with the original paterns. 我们发现货物与原来的款式不符。
His nose is out of joint for not being invited. 他没有受到邀请鼻子都气歪了。
We’re here to discuss the trade marks of your products. 我们来谈谈贵产品的商标。
We’re wined and dined all week. 我们被好吃好喝的款待了一周。
More than 300 watches are not up to standard. 有三百多块手表不符合质量。
I don’t want to go there in the first place. 我本来不想去的。
The quality of this article can not qualify for first-class. 这批商品的质量不够一等品。
Don’t talk back to your parents. 别跟你的父母顶嘴。
The working of these machines are inaccurate. 这批机器运行不准。
Severe snowstorms wreaked havoc on traffic. 严重的暴风雪使交通瘫痪。
Please quote your current tariffs. 请报你公司的最新运费表。
It’s not what you know but who you know. 有本事不如认对人。
Who will bear the extra freight charges? 多出的运费由谁负担。
Do you go through your shoes? 你穿鞋厉害么?
It is the heaviest in as many as five decades. 这是五十年来最严重的一次。
Sometimes sea transport is thoubelsome to us. 有时海运对我们来说麻烦。
The snowstrom took its tolls on human lives. 暴风雪造成人员伤亡。
Do you do any chartering? 你们租船了吗?
He just showed up from out of nowhere. 他突然不知道从什么地方冒出来。
The goods are now in transit. 这批货物正在运输途中。
Nails that project from the chair may hurt you! 椅子上伸出的钉子会伤着你。
I regret this quality problem. 对质量问题深表遗憾!
I don’t have all day. 我没时间跟你耗。
The economy is in good shape. 经济情况不错。
The finest edge is made with the blunt whetstone. 宝剑锋从磨砺出。
I heard that you are getting married. Congratulations. 听说你要结婚了,恭喜!
The snowstorms created gigantic passanger backups. 暴风雪造成大量旅客滞留。
Has your company dont any research in this field? 请问贵公司对此领域做了任何研究了么? 
Charge or debit? (Credit or debit?) 使用信用卡还是ATM卡?
I take it yo don’t agree. 这么说来我认为你是不同意的。
Dad, have a heart and  let me use the new car. 爸发发善心,让我用那辆新车吧!
Could you keep my valuables? 是否可代为保管贵重物品?
You are way out of line. 你实在是太过分了。
Have you got your chequebook with you? 你支票本带来了没有?