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  1. Jinyan
    Jinyan 2007年11月29号 at 1:46 下午 |

    Good one. quite agree the opinion of the writer. I ever had the same confusion about Marketing and Sales. The explanation from the writier is similar as what I understood. I noticed most Chinese companies only care about how much sales they made but seldom pay attention to their marketing plan. I shall say they don;t know what is marketing at all. I ever helped many Chinese companies coming to Dubai for exhibition. Most of them only wanted to sell their display product then leave. Although I suggested they should have a completed marketing plan before they come. I know one Chinese company with very good machinery product come to UAE for exhibition every year. After 3-4 years, they still conduct the same mode that sell their products on the exhibition then go. No after sales services, no supporting engineers. One local client suffered after they purchased the product because there is no aftersales team from the supplier to help them shoot the trouble. An expensive CNC machine just laid in their warehouse more than one year.

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