There is an overplus of 100 lbs. 重量超出了100磅。
What a boomerang it is. 真是自食其果。
We place an order for additional 4,000 shirts. 我们多订了4000套衬衣
It’s on the house. 老板买单,完全免费。
Can you give us an additional 200 cases? 你能再增加20 箱么?
The situation is to our disadvantage. 情况对我们不利。
We made a total of 100,000 jackets. 我们一共订了10万件上衣。
He takes to life at university like a duck to water. 他适应了大学生活,如鱼得水。
How many pieces all together? 共有多少件?
Why did the officials turn a blind eye to the crime? 为何官员对此罪行视而不见?
We trust you can meet our requirements. 相信贵方能满足我们的要求。
It would be a mistake to dance to their tune. 和他们周旋将是个错误。
We can quote you a gross price. 我们可以给你方报毛价。
She tried to avoid answering my questions. 她试图回避我的问题。
The offer isn’t subject to prior sale. 本报盘以货物未售出为条件。
He who is ashamed of asking is ashamed of learning. 耻于问即耻于学。
The price is subject to change without notice. 此价格可以不经通知自行调整
She soon becomes the centre of attention. 她很快成为大家注意的焦点。
We want to purchase Chinese Tea. 我们预购中国茶。
The coach would change horses in the middle of the stream. 教练想中途换人。
Could you give me an indication of the price? 你能提供一个参考价么?
I have arranged with him to meet at the restaurant. 我和他约好在饭馆见面。
The president is running for reelection. 总统正在谋求竞选连任。
We would like to know what quantity discounts you allow. 我方想知道你给多少折扣。
We intend to place large regular orders. 我方将定期大量订购。
Please send us your price list of quartz clocks. 请寄给我们石英钟价目表。
He is so absorbed in his work that he doesn’t see me. 他全身关注工作,没有看到我。
Who assumes shipment cost? 谁负担运费。
He loves music, and above all classical music. 他喜欢音乐,尤其是古典音乐。
We offer a life-time guarantee. 我们提供永久的保证。
I’ll sleep mext door. 我在隔壁睡觉
We can give a 5% discount for orders over 5000 units. 超过5000个我们可以给5%的折扣。
Life is full of ups and downs. 人生有起有落。
I almost can’t wait to give it a try. 我等不及要试一试了。
Don’t try to tie me down with those conventions. 别想用那些规矩来绊住我。
I never know how to rate the employees’ work. 我不知道怎么评估员工的工作。
You’re a one-girl guy. 你是个用情专一的人。
Have you got your performance evaluations finished yet? 你的业绩评估做完了吗?
Flags flew at half-mast upon the death of premier. 总理逝世的时候降了半旗。
I can assure you of our close cooperation. 我保证通力合作。
Stop crying and don’t be such baby. 别哭了,别这样孩子气。
We have to protect our employees. 我们必须保护员工。
Maybe we’re partly to blame. 也许我们多少有些责任。
That’s the purpose of the meeting. 这就是开会的目的/
That might be in your favor. 那可能对你有利。
I will make my reservations as necessary. 我要去做旅行准备啦。
Check your answers with mine. 把你的答案和我核对一下。
I think she’s misinterpreted my intentions. 我想她误解了我的意思。
Don’t be so upset, look at the positive side. 别这么沮丧,往积极的方面看。
Packaging has a close bearing on sales. 包装与产品销路息息相关。
He decided to bring a suit against his boss. 他决定起诉他的老板。
As recongnition for a job well done. 作为对工作表现的奖励。
I had to sit up all night writing the report. 我不得不熬夜写报告。
She said you invited her to dinner last week 她说上周你邀请她一起吃晚饭。
He has changed his tune. 他改变了立场。
I wish I were, but I am deadly serious. 我倒希望如此,但我是认真。
Something must be done about it. 必须得想个办法。
Let’s give it a shot! 那我们就试试看吧。
You’re gonna blow them out of the water. 你一定会把他们打得落花流水。
There are 100 tons of wheat on board the ship. 船上装有100吨小麦。
I’ve been learning English off and on for 12 years. 我断断续续学习了12年英语了。
Please boil down these documents for me. 请帮我整理一下这些文档的核心内容。
We give them 10 or 15 sicks days per year. 员工可以每年有十到十五天的病假。
What I want to do is different from those of others. 我想做的和别人不同。
He holds a position of great responsibility upon him. 他担任一个责任重大的任务。
They appointed him chairman. 他们任命他为主席。
You’d better look before you leap. 你最好三思而后行。
I’m in charge of the company when the manager is out. 经理不在时我负责公司。
I think I’ve filled in everything correctly. 我想我各项都填对了。
It never rains, it pours. 不鸣则已,一鸣惊人。
We need more than listening, we need action. 我们要得不仅仅是听意见,更需要行动。
How much is his annual salary. 他的年薪多少。
I’m looking forward to your visit next week. 我期待你下周来访。
The doctor gave him a general anaesthetic. 医生给他做全身麻醉。
They stopped talking when the boss came in. 当老板进来的时候他们停止了交谈。
I found amusement in collecting stamps. 我发现了集邮的乐趣。
His vanity was hurt by their talking so frankly. 他们坦率的谈话伤害了他的虚荣心。
He lives in a house amongst the trees. 他住在一幢树木环绕的房子里。
As far as policy is concerned, I have to say something. 谈到政策我得说几句。
You’re a professional, but I am an amateur. 你是专业的,而我是业余的。
I am familiar with the casual atmosphere in the company. 我很熟悉公司这种轻松的氛围。
He was charged with smuggling. 他被指控走私。
Long absent, soon forgotten. 久别情疏。
The scalded cat fears cold water. 一朝被蛇咬,十年怕草绳。
I’m behind you. 我支持你。
Are you kidding me? 你在刷我吗?
Thanks anyway. 无论如何还是要谢谢你的。
Have you got a backup plan? 你有二手准备吗?
Never judge from appearances. 人不可貌相。
I’m occupied. 我有事走不开。
The rotten apple injures its neighbours. 烂一个,坏一筐
He never touches alcohol. 他滴酒不沾。
I like your sense of humor. 我喜欢你的幽默感。
We are in the same boat. 我们是一根绳上的蚂蚱。
Time is more valuable than money. 时间比金钱宝贵。
Sleep tight. 睡个好觉。
He suddenly appeared in the party. 他在晚会上突然出现了
May I ask for quarter? 能不能高抬贵手?
They employed him as a consultant. 他们雇用他为顾问。
You put the cart before a horse. 你本末倒置了。


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