The moving of “Forrest Gump”

Sunny and breeze    21-04-05
It’s a long time that I haven’t written diary in English . I saw miss Wu writing her diary in English this eveing which shocked me . Then I make up my mind that I will write the diary in English from now . Of course I think that I did well last year .

During last year , I didn’t leave the class unless I asked for leave . I keep on writing the diary in English . I did everything according to my plans . So I think I did well.

But I didn’t do these things for a long time this year . I am regret for all that I did . So I will do well from now on .

May be I can’t write some in English . So maybe I must try some .

These days I always saw a film whose name is “Forrest Gump” which make me moved. moved by the spirit of Gump; moved by the God, moved by the life, moved by every little things, so that I know that life is just like a case of chocolates, you don’t know which one you will take out next time.  And I know that death is just a part of your life. Go to the heaven just mean that you will have your complete life which will make ourself feel safety and happy, which will make our everyone don’t feel afraid .

And I can draw out a word that : Life Is Enough . Yes , only we live , everything can be easy. So long as we have our life . However we always miss our life, we always bring our everyday into a mess , into unhappiness , into envy , into doubt , into losing , into everything bad . I hope that we ourselves can have a happy life, an optimistic life , a colourful life .

And Gump’s mother tell him : run fast , run .

Of course , we need run everyday in our life . And run as fast as we can .

We must make our desires less so that we can feel happy , feel comfortable , feel light . I must do my best .

God please me ! I love you forever !

Amen !

BY 一土



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